Cioffi • Slezak • Wildgrube P.C. is a Capital District (New York) law firm providing quality legal services to individuals, their families and businesses. The firm concentrates its work in the areas of Estate Planning and Administration, Elder Law, Commercial and Residential Real Estate and Business and Corporate Law. The attorneys and staff of Cioffi • Slezak • Wildgrube P.C. are concerned for the client as a whole; therefore, an effort is made to resolve each client's matter in a manner that is tailored to that client's particular needs. We specialize in the following areas of law:


Areas of Law at Cioffi • Slezak • Wildgrube P.C.

We greatly enjoy the opportunity to work with families on both private and agency adoptions. We have extensive experience with the adoption process and represent adoptive parents in Surrogate’s Court and Family Court. In addition, we represent parents with regard to “re-adoption” of children from other countries.
Elder Law
The practice of Elder Law includes advance planning for disability and long term care through exploration of Long Term Care Insurance or Medicaid Planning, and assistance with the review and execution of contracts and agreements relative to assisted living situations. Cioffi • Slezak • Wildgrube P.C. also works with clients to assure their decision-making powers are appropriately delegated in the event of disability: through powers of attorney, and health care proxies. We also assist families in the sometimes difficult process of Article 81 Guardianships.
Business & Corporate Law
The attorneys at Cioffi • Slezak • Wildgrube P.C. advise sole proprietors, corporations, limited liability companies and partnerships with regard to issues that affect large and small businesses. We work with new businesses, forming corporations and limited liability companies in New York State. In addition, we work with professionals concerning business matters and partnership concerns. We prepare minutes and bylaws, Buy-Sell Agreements, Partnership Agreements and other documents for the orderly operation of a business, whether large or small.
Estate Administration
Clients engaged in Estate Administration will work with a team at Cioffi • Slezak • Wildgrube P.C. consisting of an estate administrator and an attorney. The firm prides itself on its high degree of technical knowledge in the field, and its efficiency in both obtaining fiduciary appointments and closing trusts and estates in a timely manner. Estate administration services are offered for both large and small estates, in Surrogate's Courts throughout New York State. We recognize that some clients wish to be fully and personally engaged in the day-to-day activities of estate administration, and we will work with this client to assist them in this regard. We are also aware, through our years of experience, that some clients will not want to be so personally and actively engaged. The estate administration teams at Cioffi • Slezak • Wildgrube P. C. are equally prepared to assist this client.
Estate Planning
Estate planning services include the preparation of wills, revocable living trusts, trusts for tax planning--including charitable trusts and private foundations--health care proxies and living wills, powers of attorney, and gift and estate tax analysis. At Cioffi • Slezak • Wildgrube, P.C.we work with our clients toward a goal of comprehensive estate planning and careful analysis of estate tax considerations. For the client without a taxable estate, it is our objective to see that the client's wishes are carried out in the most cost-effective, expedient manner possible. We view our role as educators, as well as attorneys, for if our clients don't fully understand the choices available to them, they will be unable to make the right decisions for themselves and for their families.
Real Estate Law
Our real estate practice includes representation of buyers, sellers and lenders, including individuals and businesses, in real estate transactions. We handle all aspects of closing, coordinating with attorneys, lenders and real estate professionals. Our services include preparation and review of real estate contracts; preparation of deeds, statements of sale, Equalization and Assessment, and Transfer Gains Forms; and review of title. In addition to handling residential and commercial real estate transactions, attorneys at Cioffi• Slezak• Wildgrube P.C. prepare real estate agreements and leases and represent landlords and tenants with regard to property matters.

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